Wintergrazer 70 Rye

Wintergrazer 70 Rye
Type: cool season annual grain Wildlife Dealers

Uses: Wintergrazer is well adapted throughout many parts of the U.S. It is excellent in combination with clover as a nurse crop because of its early maturity and ability to maintain its upright growth. It does not mat down and smother the clover that is getting established underneath it. It can reach a height of 4 to 5 feet tall and is very fast to establish, producing deer feed in as little as 14 days in ideal conditions. Wintergrazer rye grain is preferred by deer compared to ryegrass and it is more cold tolerant. Rye is the most cold tolerant of all the cereal grains.

Planting Date: Sept. - Nov.
Rate: 100 lbs./acre or 21/2 lbs./1000 sq.ft.
Depth: 1/2"

Best For: Deer, Turkey, Duck, Dove, Pheasant, Rabbit and Quail

Available Product Size: 50 lb.

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